About the SGADF


School Games & Activity Development Foundation in Associated with ,SRA,The National Sports and Activity Foundation Register under:- Indian Govt.Trust Act, International Standard Organization Certified Foundation, Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

Affiliated with:- International Foundation for Sports & Activity

Associated with:- Major Dhyanchand Sports Foundation, India Council for Sports & Cultural Activity, Tekan Aback, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan

An Autonomous Body:- Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. Of India

Members:- International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities

Recognized by:- International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee

Members Of :- Global Association of International Sports Federations, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education,

Partners Of :- The Association for International Sport for All, International Trade Fair For Amenity Areas(Sport and pool Facilities)

Tafisa Members :- World Health Organization, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation Sgadf is non profit ,special mission sports association created to serve the state and nation with programs in sports,event and activity .The role of the association is to prepare aspiring such as children,physically,disabled, intellectually challenged, young men & woman and professional for career in sports by setting up academy and providing specialized training to them.this will make it possible for them to competation in state,national & international events with greater degree of confidence. The association believes that the essence of any sports is passion.nothing is more important in life than having passion for what one does school games & activity association of india in its endeavour plans to build academies across the nation,teen youngsters,promote talented players,finance promising players ,sponsor indigent players,conduct sports classes or camps provide proper infrastructure, equipment etc. Without discrimination as to religion,race,caste,colour or creed.school games & activity also intends to promote employment opportunities,promote the study

Our mission is to run a consistent and sustainable sports & activity development program providing children with opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive sporting activities while contributing to the social upliftment of the community

Our vision is to raise healthy, happy and educated children who have the opportunity to go out and pursue the careers and goals they have dreamt of.
In our vision we see a community where there is significantly reduced alcohol and drug abuse, crime and social deviance, and teenage pregnancy.
Our children have access to education, skills transfer, and knowledge on personal development and environmental care.
Children are protected and have a safe place to grow and develop.

The songo program works closely with the children to instil our values including:

Trust: Trust is at the core of our program including building trust with our sponsors, our donors and with the children so that they know they can rely on the program and that the program respects and values each child

Accountability: We strive to instil accountability for everyone who partakes in the program by demonstrating through example, taking responsibility in the program and teaching the children to take responsibility for attending the program and looking after the resources they are provided with. We seek out and develop leaders in our community who lead through example

Consistency: In the township world there is so little consistency, we try to create a buffer for the children to not experience the up’s and downs of a Not-for-Profit organisation and only promise what we can honour building trust with the children where they can come to rely on services and facilities being available to them

Availability: As far as possible we try to always be there for the children in the services that we offer, in the need for contact and support. Our goal is to have the program running effectively so all bikes, equipment, training and races are always accessible to the children

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