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(विद्यालय खेल और गतिविधि विकास संस्था)


SGADF is a Non-Profit & Non-Government Organization, Committed to Promote games, Physical Education, Sports Science, Research, and Youth & Social Activities at National and International level in view to spread Olympic Movement & Olympics to realize the dream of Barron Pierre de Coubertin. School Games & Activity Development Foundation created to serve the state and nation with programs in sports, event , social events , health , Scout and guide and activity .The role of the association is to prepare aspiring such as children, physically, disabled, intellectually challenged, young men & woman and professional for career in sports by setting up academy and providing specialized training to them. this will make it possible for them to competition in state, national & international events with greater degree of confidence. The association believes that the essence of any sports is passion. nothing is more important in life than having passion for what one does school games & activity development foundation in its Endeavour plans to build academies across the nation, teen youngsters, promote talented players, finance promising players ,sponsor indigent players, conduct sports classes or camps provide proper infrastructure, equipment etc. Without discrimination as to religion, race, caste, color or creed .school games & activity also intends to promote employment opportunities, promote the study. School Games & Activity Development Foundation is an India/National level Foundation registered to provide a platform to youth’s boys and girls to show their talent in the field of games & Activities. School Games & Activity Development Foundation is basically divided into two parts games and Activities.


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