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Usain Bolt features amongst Olympic greats on whom movies have been made

Usain Bolt features amongst Olympic greats on whom movies have been made


06 May 2021

Usain Bolt features amongst Olympic greats on whom movies have been made

The Olympics is a platform where stars are made. Behind those stars, there is a whole lot of hard work, sweat, dedication and sacrifice that goes into making such an inspiring story. The stories in turn inspire youngsters to take up sports.

The Tokyo  Olympics  was scheduled to light up the television screens in 2020 but was postponed for a year, thanks to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. With just a few months to go before the mega event unfolds, we bring you some of the movies based on the life of famous international Olympians.

So, what are you waiting for? Tune into your favorite one on the internet and get into the groove.

Olympic Greats and the movies made on them

 Chariots of Fire charts out the story of two British athletes – Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams – in the 1924 Olympics. It also speaks about how Liddell and Abrahams – the two outsiders – used running to prove themselves and showed their struggles to Olympic glory in Paris.

The film, released in 1981, also portrays Liddell, a Scottish Christian who runs for God’s glory while Abrahams runs to overcome injustice. Abrahams won a gold in 100m and silver in 4×100m relay. Liddell won a 400m gold and 200m bronze.

Jesse Owens (Race)

The film, released in 2016, tells the story oConsidered perhaps the greatest among all in track and field history, the film also shows how Owens went on to become an all-time great. It also shows his struggle with racial discrimination and a glimpse into his personal life as well.

In all, owens won gold in 100m, 200m, 4×100m relay and long jump in Berlin. The Race also showed Owens’ university days, his struggles to feed his girlfriend and daughter, as well as the relationship with his coach Larry Snyder.f African-American sprinter and long jumper Jesse Owens and his record-breaking feat of four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.Usain Bolt (I Am Bolt)

Certainly a figure to be documented! Widely considered one of the fastest human beings on earth, Usain Bolt shattered all records on his way to eight Olympic gold medals and a host of World Championships top honors. The Jamaican sprinter still holds the world record in men’s 100m (9.58s) and 200m (19.19s), both of which he achieved within a span of four days in 2009