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Odeum’s Platform Offers On-Demand Subscription Content Without Any Upfront Charges

Odeum’s Platform Offers On-Demand Subscription Content Without Any Upfront Charges


16 Jun 2021

Odeum’s Platform Offers On-Demand Subscription Content Without Any Upfront Charges

Odeum has made an announcement about its newly launched platform that would enable distribution of branded, subscription video content, catering particularly to yoga and fitness studios without charging any upfront costs.

This is offering an opportunity for businesses to create new revenue streams in online mode, by using subscription videos that can be delivered with the help of custom apps depending on the device type. The platform provides enough support in its own unique way to help yoga studios and fitness trainers provide custom branded content online during such an unprecedented period.

Joe Vogt, owner of Purple Yoga stated that the Odeum platform was of immense help, particularly in transforming the daily operations of their yoga studio. Further, he stated that Odeum was the choice from the various options available, since it gave them an opportunity to create branded apps that are helping in keeping them connected with their community and vice versa.

Odeum, being an all-in-one platform is engaged in publishing and distribution of videos with the help of a set of apps that are custom branded. These apps are designed to deliver natively to various formats of devices that include mobile, web and television. The creators are provided with the option of branding their content, including the looks of their sites and apps using this subscription video platform, apart from delivering the content at the place where subscribers want the same to be delivered. Users can control their own revenue model, apart from managing their videos and subscribers.

The Founder and CEO of Odeum, Jay Dysart stated that all of them were living in such unprecedented times, wherein storytellers are connecting with their audience. He further mentioned that the company desired to empower both small as well as big content publishers in the same manner, by which they can connect with viewers straight away through the adoption of an honest approach as well as a sustainable business model.

Odeum has been working to assist fitness trainers, meditation guides, yoga instructors and a few others to raise their business to a higher level through the use of premium subscription video services. Businesses would be able to handle their tasks of marketing, branding, revenue control, including publishing of video services from a single place. Odeum’s integration would consist of custom branded apps present in every major platform, apart from adaptive streaming as well as built-in tech support for iOS, Android and many others such as Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and a few more including browsers.