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Get Your Kids Active With Doses of Fitness

Get Your Kids Active With Doses of Fitness


16 Jun 2021

Get Your Kids Active With Doses of Fitness

Fitness is a mandatory thing for a mother and a child as well. Physical activities help your child grow more strongly, build endurance, ensure a healthy weight, and make bone and muscles strong.

Exercises and workouts don’t only bring physical fitness but beneficial for mental well-being. It will help in boosting the child’s critical thinking skills. Also, it will help in the betterment of sleep and will lead to a better outlook on life.

All you need is to plan time for your children to encourage. Remember one thing that your child won’t feel supported and boosted for physical activities if you don’t take a part in that and he/she is doing that alone that will lead as they won’t do it.


  • Talk with your child’s doctor: The doctor can help your child in understanding why exercises are important for him and which is the best sport or exercise best for him.
  • Find a fun element: Help your child to find out a sport that he enjoys. The more he is enjoying the sport or activity the more he will continue it. Also, you can involve your whole family that is a great time to spend together.
  • Choose an appropriate exercise: Choose the exercise appropriately because a 7 or 8-year-old child is not ready for weightlifting but can go out for riding a bicycle, swimming, and Soccer.
  • Plan things: Plan about a convenient time and place for your child to exercise.
  • Ensure a safe environment: Make sure that the selected sport or exercise and your child’s fitness equipment are not heavy and safe. Make sure that your child’s clothing is appropriate and comfortable.
  • Provide some good equipment: Provide active toys according to your chosen age. For example, young children need access to jump ropes, balls, and other active toys.
  • Be an inspiration: Children are like a copycat, they do what they see. So the parents who are enjoying sports and physical activities can be a role model for their children that will create interest and motivation in the child towards fitness and exercise.
  • Help your child: Teach your child to learn a new sport. Help her out to get in the proper posture to perform exercises.
  • Set a limit on television: Limit the use of computers and plan a fixed time for watching TV. Of course, sitting against a computer and television screen can harm the eyes of your child. So limit it to 1 to 2 hours of total screen time that includes video games, television, and computers every day. And make sure to utilize their time in studying and focusing more on physical activities.
  • Plan time for fitness: Make time for your child’s daily exercise routine as they have music lessons, homework, assignments, projects, and other planned activities to do so make time for their exercise routine daily.
  • Do not do it in excess: Ask your child to perform all the exercise and physical activities that don’t hurt him and suggest him to do as much as it seems comfortable and doesn’t overdo it.

Note: Start the exercises that are suitable according to your child’s age and comfort. Also, focus on a healthy diet that provides her all the nutrition and minerals.