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Fitness Platform Xtraliving Organizes Virtual Fitness Championship eNERGIZE

Fitness Platform Xtraliving Organizes Virtual Fitness Championship eNERGIZE


16 Jun 2021

Fitness Platform Xtraliving Organizes Virtual Fitness Championship eNERGIZE

Xtraliving, a fitness platform based in Hyderabad has organized ‘eNERGIZE’, a virtual fitness championship with the objective of providing encouragement and support to athletes as well as those who are aspiring to become athletes. eNERGIZE would be conducted by Xtraliving in association with The Directorate Of Sports, Sports Authority of India and Youth Services of Maharashtra.

At least 1,00,000 participants are expected to attend this National Level Online Athletic Fitness Championship. Apart from that, athletes from National Game Athletes, Khelo Games Athletes, including other students are also expected to attend this event. Besides, support has been lent by Olympic athletes for this event.

workout video would be shown by a team of professionals to the participants. A video of the same workout would have to be submitted by the participants within the deadline that has been provided. Moreover, the participants of the competition must get themselves registered on the official website of Xtraliving. It is mandatory for participants to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the competition.

The prize money for the first three winners of the competition would be Rs. 75,000/-, Rs. 50,000/- and Rs. 25,000/- respectively. The winners of the competition will also receive a trophy as well as a certificate. Besides, a digital certificate would be handed over to the entire list of participants.

Xtraliving is also set to initiate the next step of focusing on the improvement of health and fitness of kids. It is planning to start the XtraFit Kids Program, which is a fitness program aimed at dealing with the fitness of kids. A holistic approach would be followed through this program that will deal with movement, nutrition and recovery. Further, this program is also set to include trackers, personalized assessment, scheduling, monitoring as well as coaching. All these parameters are aimed at helping build proper habits among children that would last for their entire lifetime.