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Ease Your Back Pain with These Yoga Asanas

Ease Your Back Pain with These Yoga Asanas


16 Jun 2021

Ease Your Back Pain with These Yoga Asanas

Back pain can be problematic, if not checked on time. Amidst several reasons, an increased number of hours of a sedentary lifestyle can be one of the homogenous reasons including others like weak core and poor body posture. As people can’t now change their sedentary lifestyle all of sudden, there are a few things that they can rather keep back pain at bay.

In addition to following some good postures, people can practice Yoga which is a great thing to do in back pain. Yoga can offer great relief from back pain. It is much more effective and cheaper than expensive medicines. Yoga is helpful in reducing mental stress also.

Cow Pose 

Back PainIn cow pose, you have to spread your fingers apart and pointed ahead of you and then lift the seat bones and chest upward by inhaling for two seconds while the belly sinks towards the floor.

Now, lookup by lifting the eyes and neck up exhaling two seconds come back to starting position. This asana gives you relief from backache and also gives a lovely stretch to your back.

Cobra Pose

Back Pain In the cobra pose, you have to lie on the stomach with the legs pointing out, heels together, and then place your palms on the floor at the side of the chest. While inhaling there seconds lift your head and shoulders backward without pressure on the palms but remember that, do not lift so high. While retaining the breath for six seconds of breath for three seconds and return to starting position.

Down Dog

Back pain Down Dog is called one of the most iconic postures in yoga. It can rejuvenate your entire body.  You can Start in tabletop and raise your hips so your body is in an upside-down V position and then relax your head and neck and draw your inner thighs toward the back of the room. By spreading your shoulder blades apart will stretch your upper back even more, and reaching your hips up and back will help to open your lower back.

Child’s Pose

Back PainChild’s Pose is an amazing way to relax, it can also stretch your entire back and your hips. It Starts on all fours, keeps your arms forward and sits back so your butt is resting just above your heels and then hold and breathe deeply, feeling the breath reach all the way into your hips. The more you stretch in either direction, the more you’ll feel calm.

Bow Pose

Back PainIn the bow pose, you have to Lie-down to reach your hands toward your ankles and grab hold one at a time. Then lift your chest and thighs slowly away from the floor by drawing your chest forward and the back of your thighs toward the sky. Bow pose is a wonderful way to strengthen the back muscles, but if you have a back injury, take this easy as it can be intense.