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Wrecked Up With Break Up, Check out this Break Workout App Mobile App That Can Help!

Wrecked Up With Break Up, Check out this Break Workout App Mobile App That Can Help!


16 Jun 2021

Wrecked Up With Break Up, Check out this Break Workout App Mobile App That Can Help!

Breakup Workout, The World’s First Post-Breakup Fitness App, Launches on Kickstarter to Help Recapture Physical and Mental Well-Being

Breakup Workout, the world’s first-ever mobile application designed to heal the emotional and physical traumas of a romantic breakup through interactive workouts, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. With exercise proven to decrease stress and improve mental well-being, the ability to recapture physical and emotional strength after a breakup is lurking just around the corner.

Combining the science of enjoyable workouts with bodybuilding techniques and resources, Breakup Workout enables users to access personalized workout regimens that help them come out of breakups stronger than ever before. Focused on maximizing the release of compounds such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine to increase happiness, Breakup Workout gives free instant access to numerous thirty-day programs that are customized for different body-types and personal goals. Accessible right at the fingertips, each workout has been developed by a professional certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and further designed to help achieve bigger and healthier muscles.

Breakup Workout programs are presented in five-stage sets to take users through the emotions of a breakup with a new workout for a thirty day period, with added bonus features, such as motivational talks, nutritional advice, and video demonstrations, that make the experience easier than one could ever imagine.

Soon to be available for free, Breakup Workout is crowdfunding to cover development, advertisement, and administrative costs. Supporters of the Kickstarter campaign will have access to exclusive rewards as a token of their support, including early Beta access, limited-edition merchandise, and in-app features. To back the project and learn more about rewards, and please visit the Kickstarter campaign here.