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Patients Admitted At COVID Hospital Will Attend Yoga Class!

Patients Admitted At COVID Hospital Will Attend Yoga Class!


16 Jun 2021

Patients Admitted At COVID Hospital Will Attend Yoga Class!

The patients enduring treatment at district Covid-19 hospital will be attending Yoga classes. They will be provided Ayush Kadha along with turmeric milk as part of their diet as recommended by civil surgeon Ratna Raokhande.

Ratna Raokhande, who has appropriated charge as the civil surgeon after Suresh Jagdale was posted on leave, took a meeting with the doctors of the Ayush department on Saturday and directed them to make a new diet plan for the patients in the Covid hospital. 

Raokhande said there is no proper medicine to cure Covid-19 at present. Hence the most beneficial thing is to do would be to increase the immunity system with the help of Yoga, mediation, nutritious diet along with the remedial treatment.

Yoga and meditation will support the proper functioning of the lungs and boost the oxygen level. She directed officials of the Ayush department to make a plan for the patients. 

Total cases of COVID-19 has reached to 5.49 million, and death count has reached at 87,882, and the recoveries have been recorded at 4.4 million. The COVID-19 recovery rate has crossed the eighty per cent mark in India. 

Yoga has many benefits. Few of them are:

  • It Can Reduce Stress
  • It Releases Anxiety and Depression
  • It May Decrease Inflammation
  • It can help in improving Heart Health
  • It helps in Improving Quality of Life.
  • It relieves chronic pain