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Kickboxing Club Fitness Will Be Going Live Soon

Kickboxing Club Fitness Will Be Going Live Soon


16 Jun 2021

Kickboxing Club Fitness Will Be Going Live Soon

Kickboxing Club Fitness has made arrangements for those of you who haven’t tried attending group workout sessions. There are a variety of options provided for anyone who is interested in joining classes to train themselves in kickboxing and functional training workouts. Now, they certainly have the opportunity to join as a member by connecting with hundreds of other members for attending live classes. Both online and outdoor classes will be conducted through live sessions.

Members of the Kickboxing Club are overjoyed with the fact that the training sessions offer cardio benefits from their workouts as well as some mental health benefits. A member of the Kickboxing Club, Desiree mentioned that she felt highly confident over there, while also adding that everybody at the club was highly motivating and loving, that all of them become a family, instructors as well as other members. Virtual classes are providing an opportunity for members to perform workouts at home, while at the same time they would also be receiving the benefit of motivation as well as corrections in the technique that is similar to the one that would be received if a person attended in class. Each instructor would be assigned with a particular task such as filling forms for members, performing workouts and few more.

The members often cherish the in-person experience that keeps them entertained, apart from receiving support from the community present that keeps them motivated all through the session. In addition to that, the huge space has enabled them to perform workouts without wearing masks and by keeping enough distance from one another.

The charges for virtual membership works to around USD 39 per month with unlimited access, apart from a 7 day trial offered at USD 5 per month. This also includes restorative yoga classes. As far as outdoor classes are concerned, the charges are USD 25 per session and for unlimited members it works to around USD 140 per month, including USD 15 for two classes with a pair of gloves free of cost.