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Introducing The All New World Gym Athletics

Introducing The All New World Gym Athletics


19 Jun 2021

Introducing The All New World Gym Athletics

the iconic global fitness brand, is proud to announce the All-New World Gym Athletics, a complete health and fitness training solution built for the everyday athlete. The All-New World Gym Athletics is now available at World Gym locations across the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Australia.

“We’ve taken our 45 years of fitness experience and combined that with the latest training science and nutritional information and then tapped into some of the best coaching expertise from our global network to build the All-New World Gym Athletics,” said Jarrod Saracco, Chief Operations Officer of World Gym International. “We wanted to create a training program for the ‘everyday athlete’ – a program to simultaneously help grandparents keep up with their grandkids, moms, and dads to manage their daily stresses and challenges, executives to make it through their next round of Zoom calls and elite athletes take their performance to the next level. With the All-New World Gym Athletics, you can handle whatever daily life throws your way.”World Gym Athletics

The All-New World Gym Athletics uses a systematic, scientific approach to get you stronger and fitter, faster and safer than ever before. Training sessions are programmed with easy-to-follow instructions, which provides an opportunity for all levels to perform at their best. Teamwork and a strong sense of community create better accountability and helps members get fit with purpose. Every workout has real-life results and applications. From trained soldiers to new parents in training. From those with desk jobs to those whose job is on the road. World Gym Athletics is Built for Your Life.

The All-New World Gym Athletics is driven by a periodized training plan broken into phases across a larger 12-week macrocycle. Incorporating both block and linear periodization across the macrocycle, every workout has a purpose and helps everyday athletes achieve maximum results for general fitness, sports-specific goals, and injury prevention. With smaller class sizes and individualized attention, new athletes can start at any point in a macrocycle or phase. All World Gym Athletics locations will be working on the same training calendar all around the globe.gym

Each day, coaches will lead a different Performance of the Day or “POD.” Each POD is developed by an international Coaches Council with a key training focus: Strength & Skills, Strength & Endurance or Conditioning. Select World Gym Athletics locations also integrate heart-rate monitoring for athletes to reach their full potential. Over 150 coaches have already attended a rigorous multi-day training and certification process. Every athlete at every World Gym is supported by a team of certified coaches who will educate athletes on the science behind our programming and provide nutrition guidance based on each phase of our macrocycle.

The launch of the All-New World Gym Athletics follows the launch of World Gym Anywhere, World Gym’s new on-demand training platform featuring exclusive workouts created by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

To sign up for the All-New World Gym Athletics at your local World Gym, visit Stay up to date on the latest news and training guidance by following World Gym on Instagram and Facebook or by reading our blog.

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