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Ayush-based nutrition solutions to be highlighted during ‘Poshan Maah’

Ayush-based nutrition solutions to be highlighted during ‘Poshan Maah’


16 Jun 2021

Ayush-based nutrition solutions to be highlighted during ‘Poshan Maah’

The AYUSH ministry said on Thursday that nutrition solutions based on traditional healthcare wisdom would be an important part of ‘Poshan Maah’ celebrations during September.

Poshan Maah will moreover promote several activities under the ‘POSHAN Abhiyaan’ while adhering to COVID-19 rules, the ministry stated in a statement.

The Prime Minister’s Overarching Scheme for Holistic Nourishment’ — ‘POSHAN Abhiyaan’ (National Nutrition Mission) was started on March 8, 2018.

AyushThe program places particular importance on reducing the level of stunting, under-nutrition and low birth weight in children, and pregnant women, anemia in adolescent girls, lactating mothers as well as children.

All the traditional medicine systems of India lay emphasis on food and diet, and have advanced knowledge on the matter, the Aayush ministry said.

‘This variety of time-tested knowledge will be scientifically modified to add momentum to the ‘POSHAN Abhiyaan’,’ it mentioned.

The position designated for Ayush-based solutions in ‘POSHAN Abhiyaan’ was presented in the joint communication attributed to chief secretaries of all states and UTs by the secretaries of ministries of Health, Panchayati Raj, AYUSH, and Women and Child Development on September 7.

A critical part of the ‘POSHAN Abhiyaan’ is the initial classification of children suffering from critical acute malnutrition (SAM), according to the Ayush ministry.

This early classification is required for the appropriate beginning of treatment and minimizing the risk of complexities. Therefore, during the ‘Rashtriya Poshan Maah’ this year, an approach for identification and treatment of children with SAM will be initiated, the ministry added.

Experts from indigenous systems of Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani, will be co-opted to supervise good nutrition, mutual feeding, etc., it said.